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We are passionate about delivering impactful quality yoga training courses across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Bali.

In the rhythmic pulse of a bustling world, where the pressures of personal growth converge, there exists a sanctuary—an oasis of serenity and self-discovery that extends beyond the conventional boundaries of education. As a student navigating the labyrinth of life, you may find solace, strength, and profound transformation within the sacred practice of yoga.

Embarking on a journey through a Yoga Teacher Training is not just an academic pursuit; it’s an odyssey of the heart, a symphony of the mind, and a dance of the soul.

It beckons you to cast aside the weight of expectations and embrace the profound possibility of becoming not only a practitioner of yoga but a custodian of your own emotional well-being. Step into the realm where breath meets spirit, and discover why this transformative expedition is not just an investment in teaching yoga but an impassioned investment in the very essence of your being. We can’t wait to watch YOU unfold!

Explore our offerings of 200H RYT Trainings and 50H Advanced Modules to build your 300H RYT certifications with Yoga Alliance and beyond!

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Modern Meets Tradition

We are passionate about providing education so that teachers may continue to grow, learn, evolve and develop their niche in the ever expanding world of Yoga. These modules bring together the best of both worlds: the traditions of the East: Yoga, it's history, mysticism and philosophy - together with the science of the West: Applied anatomy, functional movement and medical research of the body & mind.

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Self-Paced Learning

Learning is a personal growth, and everyone's study patterns are different. With an extensive online learning library, completely digital homework reminders, and exclusive Elements materials - you can learn (and refresh!) at your own pace.

Training Retreats

Connect, immerse, ask questions, experience & allow space for study. Our 200H trainings include a training retreat - allowing you to really immerse yourself in your knowledge together with other trainees, right before your final examination.

Business & Marketing

Every yoga teacher becomes their own business. With our business & marketing guidance, including a personal branding photoshoot, you can step straight into teaching as you graduate from this training.

Diverse, Modern Teaching

We believe in the best of both worlds. Connect your learning of yoga, with the western tools to offer justified classes to boost a student's body & mind. Deep-dive into biomechanics, mental health, biology & anatomy theory, and alternate movement mediums.

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